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Syaquina natural glowing facial wash is made with naturally camel’s milk, tranexamic acid, and acid honey to tone and clean the skin. In cosmetic formulations, acid honey exerts emollient, humectant, soothing, and skin smoothing effects, keeps the skin juvenile and retards wrinkle formation, regulates pH and prevents pathogen infections. Mechanisms of action on skin cells are deeply conditioned by the botanical sources and include antioxidant activity, the induction of cytokines and matrix metalloproteinase expression, as well as epithelial-mesenchymal transition in wounded epidermis. Tranexamic acid (TA) is claimed to have whitening effects especially for ultraviolet-induced hyperpigmentation including melasma and make your skin glowing.⁣
Also we brought camel’s milk from Saudi Arabia’s farm. These farms camels are pasture-raised and eat a complex diet of hay, grass and alfalfa pellets. Camel’s milk helps soften the skin because it contains fatty acid known for locking in the skin's natural moisture and soothing inflammation.⁣
We currently have two facial cleansers, the first is glowing facial wash, and the second is brightening facial wash. Unfortunately, brightening facial wash is only sold in one package with Syaquina Pro Expert Brightening Series & Syaquina Pro Premium Brightening Series.⁣
Both facial cleansers do not use sodium lauryl/laureth sulphate (SLS/SLES), that means no irritation and no dry skin effect after use.⁣
Key ingredients:

1. Camel’s milk⁣
2. Tranexamic acid⁣
3. Acid honey⁣

Basic Glowing Facial Wash 100 ml (BPOM NA18201202055)⁣
Halal MUI-BPOM registered-100% non-animal derived ingredients in our products, free parabane – steroid – hydroquinone – mercury – tretinoin – and other dangerous chemicals. Dermatologist Formulation, designed for long term use without side effects. safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women.⁣

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